Two weeks ago, I arrived in Hanoi: the heart and soul of Vietnam; an old and sprawling city that is equal parts charming and disorderly. Of course, this is not my first time here – but rather a return – and that chaos that I so desperately sought surrounds me now; in the frenzy of […]


The signs at the baggage carousel ricocheted in front of my eyes – a top 15 list eschewing the glories of tourism in the Philippines – over and over again, as I waited nearly two hours for my pack in the chaos of the dingy baggage claim area, the conveyor belt dominated by hundreds of […]

2013-03-18 18.21.52

I remember the smell of the Magnolia tree in the backyard and long walks around Lake Merritt, as the water swirled like tar in the black of the night. In my dreams it is raining and I am still there. I wake up some days and forget who I am. Most of the time, I […]

2013-03-28 14.14.33

It begins with a whispered hush. “Vietnam.” It says; quiet, out of sight, like wispy clouds floating through black skies; dark, silent, unassuming. It bubbles under the surface, unknowing, like a dormant volcano, quietly stirring, until one day it explodes in a roar. “VIETNAM!” It shouts. I try to ignore it – but soon enough […]


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