Awash, awash it calls to me like sad songs of sirens destined for the rocks.   The third eye commands: “blind man” he calls me “seek out.”   What compels me to move? What compels me to live? Does all of this? And what is this but the reflection of a mirror reflected in self. […]


The engine murmured sweet rattling hums, as they drove through the Castro Valley, past Fremont, en route to the cascading cliffs of the California coast. Anna grew up here, in the dusty drought stricken hills of the Tri-City Area, near the Mission San José, back when the rolling hills were still lush and green. She […]

big sur 2

Here, on a grassy bluff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they found themselves suspended in a rare moment of calm. The wind whispered meditative hymns that sunk them deeper and deeper into each other’s arms, as they watched the world turn; hours suddenly seemed to move like minutes, while minutes carried the consequentiality of hours. In […]


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