“Go back to Canada for the summer.” She told me with conviction. “Something good will happen.” I nodded, consuming the glimmer of hope she fed me. Something good will happen, I told myself. It has to. *** Tucked in a corner of the pier, hidden from view, sat a small table covered in crudely drawn […]


They returned to the road and continued south along the Pacific Coast Highway as the serene city of Carmel disappeared in the distance in exchange for the majestic splendour of the central coast. Twisting and turning between dramatic cliffs, each curve of the road seemed to offer a glimpse of a unique vista, fleeting and fading, […]


“We are all going, I thought, and it applies to turtles and turtlenecks, Alaska the girl and Alaska the place, because nothing can last, not even the earth itself. The Buddha said that suffering was caused by desire, we’d learned, and that the cessation of desire meant the cessation of suffering. When you stopped wishing […]


If age has taught me anything, it’s that I like a lot of things teenage angst convinced me I would always hate. Cooking, shopping, going for walks, hell even bird-watching all seem like pleasant ways to spend an afternoon. At the time I was living in California’s East Bay, having traded a bitter Canadian climate […]


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