We emerged from the bus and found ourselves in the midst of rural darkness, deserted, beside the veneer of an empty golf course, wondering where we were. They hadn’t told us anything – that was part of the charm. All we were to expect was a weekend festival, mystery and adventure, in an undisclosed location […]


Eff. Closing lips, blowing cheeks, chortling, air pushed tenderly through clenched teeth, pulling, deeper, teeth biting, tongue splaying, body unified in a stampede of sound, cascading from the back of a throat, vibrato, grunting with the orgasm of form and meaning. A squeaky whisper and wide-eyed eyes (a wide-eyed wanderer wonders of the redundancy of […]


I thought it would be different. I thought I would be different. I thought I would write. More. More. I expected more. In the half-empty pages of my notebook I poetically mused that ‘if you take a tree and uproot it 10,000 miles across the world and plant it anew it is, of course, biologically […]


Hanoi is a city of a contrast – a city at war with itself; sharply divided between the lines of traditional and modern, vibrant and sleepy, old and new – a city desperately trying to define its place in this massive world of ours. Night falls with a deafening silence, trading the movement of markets for […]


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