I thought it would be different. I thought I would be different. I thought I would write. More. More. I expected more. In the half-empty pages of my notebook I poetically mused that ‘if you take a tree and uproot it 10,000 miles across the world and plant it anew it is, of course, biologically […]


Hanoi is a city of a contrast – a city at war with itself; sharply divided between the lines of traditional and modern, vibrant and sleepy, old and new – a city desperately trying to define its place in this massive world of ours. Night falls with a deafening silence, trading the movement of markets for […]


Two nights in Bangkok; two nights in what is best described as the New York of Asia. I’d love to tell you that something crazy happened but rather it was a short respite from the drab and dreary grey that is Hanoi in the winter, spent soaking up sunshine by the pool of a funky […]


The clock strikes midnight and the mass of Vietnamese people gathered at Thien Quang Lake for the Heineken Countdown Party explode into roaring cheers. As the fireworks begin to go off, the crowd gathers around us – some of the only white people in attendance – and forms a dance circle, pumping their fists in […]


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