Eff. Closing lips, blowing cheeks, chortling, air pushed tenderly through clenched teeth, pulling, deeper, teeth biting, tongue splaying, body unified in a stampede of sound, cascading from the back of a throat, vibrato, grunting with the orgasm of form and meaning. A squeaky whisper and wide-eyed eyes (a wide-eyed wanderer wonders of the redundancy of […]


I thought it would be different. I thought I would be different. I thought I would write. More. More. I expected more. In the half-empty pages of my notebook I poetically mused that ‘if you take a tree and uproot it 10,000 miles across the world and plant it anew it is, of course, biologically […]


Hanoi is a city of a contrast – a city at war with itself; sharply divided between the lines of traditional and modern, vibrant and sleepy, old and new – a city desperately trying to define its place in this massive world of ours. Night falls with a deafening silence, trading the movement of markets for […]


Two nights in Bangkok; two nights in what is best described as the New York of Asia. I’d love to tell you that something crazy happened but rather it was a short respite from the drab and dreary grey that is Hanoi in the winter, spent soaking up sunshine by the pool of a funky […]


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